New products

  • Flow Wrap

    Pillow packs are majorly used in the non-pharma segment. The end application is mostly seen in biscuits and confectionary products that require multiple units bundled into a single pack. The flexibility can be varied as per the user requirements of speeds and pack sizes. Pillow packs or Flow wraps remains the most preferred form of packaging in case of disposable packaging formats.

  • Powder Fillers

    Powders come in different chemical structures and they can range from fine fluffy sticky powders through to free-flowing granules. Powder filling machines come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, filling principles and degrees of technical sophistication. The vertical auger powder filling machines. represent a major volume of powder filling machines sold. The reason being their ability to handle multiple product types with better control over accuracy and flexibility in the output.

  • Effervescent Tablets

    Effervescent tablets require very gentle filling systems due to their fragile nature. Our latest offering in this segment offers utmost care to the final product in the tube. It ensures that the tablets are not broken  and the tubes are effectively sealed to maintain the integrity of the product.

  • Wrap Around Wrapper

    The wrapper in thermo-welded film is frequently used for products such as small boxes, packs and sticks. It is also suitable for single wrapping of boxes, trays and wide size boxes. Furthermore, it is also equipped with electronic configuration suitable for collation of products in stacks and layers as per the user requirements.

  • Palletizer

    An automatic end of the line system is complete with a palletizing system equipped with robots programmed under simple or complex automation. Palletization plays an important role in packing the final case into shipper grade case for further logistics. A high end palletization system ensures trouble free end of the line packaging system to maintain the output speed without inventory pileup.

  • Case Packer

    Automatic vertical and horizontal case packing systems, that are compliant with multiple formats of cases and trays. The picking head systems can be operated either by vacuum with mechanical grippers and arms or combination of both systems and are designed according to the specific application. The closure can be set either with self adhesive tape or with hot melt glue as per the user requirements.

  • High speed flexible packaging lines

    High speed packaging machines designed to run upto 300cycles per minute with special attention to achieve accurate temperature control essential for a good seal quality at high speeds. A monoblock structure of the sealing machine parts ensures uniform temperature ranges on the entire sealing station surface. This ensures great sealing outputs accompanied with high speed.

  • Tray Sealer

    Ideal for small to high speed production levels for retort packing of food, cut fruits , sea food and meat. It is highly instrumental in increasing shelf life of the product. The packaging process vary from sealing, vaccum, modified atmosphere or skin packaging.

  • Thermoforming Applications

    In – line thermoforming machine suitable for medium to high production with numerous customizations available as per production requirements.

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ValueLinks showcases a wide range of packaging solutions at PackEx 2018, Mumbai

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ACG Value Links exhibits Bio-Pharma and Packaging solutions at P-MEC India 2012

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Biocon Limited Engineering Maintenance (Insulin Manufacturing)

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